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DILD - Dream Induced Lucid Dreams

DILD is an abbreviation for Dream Induced Lucid Dream.

This is the most common type of lucid dream induction technique. In fact, many first timers achieve their first lucid dream through this technique.

When a DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) occurs, you become lucid within the dream. This can often happen when the dream is so outrageous or ridiculous that no other rational explanation can be used to explain it other than it being a dream. The dreamer thinks to themselves "This is crazy! This must be a dream!" and wha-lah! the dreamer becomes lucid.

Now you may be thinking that this technique seems more like a chance of luck over whether you have a dream about something that is too outrageous to wake you into a state of lucidity.

However, this technique can be mastered through the use of reality checks rather than outrageous or odd situations in your dreams.

To perform the DILD technique, do the following:

Step 1:
Early in the morning, find an ink pen. Doesn't matter what color, just any pen will do.

Step 2:
Take the pen and draw single tiny dots somewhere on your hands. For me, I like to ink a small dot on the palm of each hand or on the knuckle of each thumb.

Step 3:
Now that you have the tiny dots on your hand, as you go throughout your day, you will occasionally see them. When you see them, use it as a reminder to ask yourself if you are dreaming. Stop whatever it is you are doing and perform a reality check.

Step 4:
Look around your surrounding environment, sincerely ask yourself "Is this a dream?". Then find an object, sign, book, etc that has text or numbers on it. Look at the numbers or text and remember what it says.

Step 5:
Now look away for 5 seconds.

Step 6:
Return your gaze back to the text or numbers and see if they have changed. If they have not changed, then you are awake and just continue on with your day to day activities.

The idea here is that you are training yourself to constantly be analyzing your surrounding environment and checking whether it is a dream. This habit of checking your environment will then carry over into your dream when you go to sleep. You will eventually find yourself in a dream and you will ask yourself if you are dreaming. You will do your reality check within your dream and then realize that you are dreaming, therefore becoming lucid.

A variation of this technique is to make a mental note of common elements that you know turn up in your dreams. For example, if you often dream about your wife or your family members, then use that as a cue to do a reality check, rather than placing dots on your hands. This way, when you see family members in your dream, you will remember to ask yourself if you are dreaming.